Know Your Enemy

Know Your Enemy V - Killing the devil

If the devil loses in the end why does he have so many victories now? Yes, he loses in the end but every person has the opportunity to win!! God has given each one of us a full proof plan to win. The choice in ours.


Know Your Enemy IV - The Counterfeit Kingdom

Satan has a counterfeit kingdom, bride, church, religion, trinity and so on. His goal is to erase the image of God and erect his own in Gods place. There is no book of life in his kingdom. Where is your name written? The book of life? Will you follow the "I will" of Isaiah 14 or the great I AM?


Know Your Enemy III - Contrary Winds

The devaluing of human life a tactic of the devil. Contrary winds. Be careful with whom you are sailing.


Know Your Enemy II

He came after Eve, he came after Christ with scripture and now he is after us. The devil is prowling about seeking whom he may devour.


Know Your Enemy I

The best way to produce peace is to be properly prepared to meet your enemy. Do you know your enemy? He certainly knows you and he is not some guy with a pitch fork and a pointy tail...Lets talk about the Devil.