Is Anything Impossible for the Lord?

Is anything impossible for the Lord? - Part Two

Tapping Into the Well of Power

Many Christians lead spiritually bankrupt lives when they should be living as Spiritual millionaires. Like Ira and Ann Yates who lived on government subsidy when their land covered some of the largest oil deposits in America; Christians need to prospect through the Bible searching for the promises of God, have faith that God will do what he says He will do and know God will show us, as he has in the past, that HE is Faithful!! Tap into the power and promises of God!! Genesis 18:14, Genesis 22, Mark 10:27, Hebrews 11:8-12 and Philippians 4:13


Is anything impossible for the Lord? - Part One

After trying to fulfill Gods promises in his own way God shoots down another one of Abraham's ideas and Abe laughs. Falls on his face and laughs. God will fulfill his promises in His time regardless of Abraham's lies, mistakes and attempts to take matters into his own hands. Is anything impossible for the Lord?