God is For You!

Romans 8:31 God IS for you!! Ever fell like the world is against you? Moses, Elijah and Jonah felt the pressure so much that each of them prayed for God to kill them. But God was for them. God is for you. Even in discipline and against all odds, God is for you. And because God is for you; WHO can be against you?

Table of God vs Table of Demons

Paul said, "You cannot eat from the table of God and the table of Demons." This message is a challenge to the Christian, the seeker and the lukewarm "believer" to be cognizant of their actions and to be careful from where they receive their spiritual nourishment.

Grace and the Finished Work

Many Christians do not understand grace and they head out into the world with a legalistic perspective of Christianity. Jesus and Paul preached grace. Learn grace. Grace draws in, legalism pushes away.