Claims of Jesus

Living beyond the Cross in the finished work!

It should comfort everyone to know that the plain before the cross is a level playing field. We have nothing to offer God that would impress him. So lets look at the progression that takes place as we approach the valley of decision and what happens should we decide to live beyond the cross. For even beyond the cross, though we may be saved and destined for heaven, many are still not living out their full potential and may still be living behind a veil; we must live in the finished work of Jesus Christ.


Get in the Game - Jesus is He who Turns Away the Wrath of God

God is Holy and true to his character and attributes always. (He cannot change or lie) Therefore, mans violation of his perfect design for life angered him and his wrath had to be satisfied. Jesus endured the wrath of God on our behalf and if we believe in him and invite him into our hearts we are able to be spared from that wrath. Yet, the wrath of God still dwells upon those who refuse to believe....Followers of Christ need to GET IN THE GAME and spread the good news so that ALL may know the hope that lies within us. God is not willing that any should perish but how can people believe unless they are told.


The Superiority of Jesus in ALL Things

Jesus maintained his superiority and authority in every situation. He was fully God and fully man at the same time. This is true and he can make changes in our lives. However, If Jesus is superman his kryptonite is our free will. He wants us to be free indeed. He does not want a bunch of robots running around on earth nor does he want them in eternity. Therefore, God limits himself by allowing us to have free volition. We limit God by saying "no" to him. But if we surrender our will to him the master can do great things in us and through us. He wants ALL of us. Who better to surrender our will to than the author of life himself.


Who is Jesus?

This is the first message in a series on the Claims of Jesus. Who did Jesus Claim to be and what did others say about him? It is an attempt to bring believers into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. It may also help with the questions facing the Skeptic. All scripture points to one person; Jesus Christ. The hope of the world, source of life, Creator, God.


Doubt and discouragement happen

Our spiritual walk is like a wave; we have ups and we have downs, we have highs and we have lows.. It is rare, if ever, that anyone is a spiritual rock star from the start. That would be a person that begins their journey with Christ and rockets into spiritual stardom without having any doubts, discouragements or troubles ever. What we find is that even those closest to Jesus struggled from time to time, they doubted him during tough times, they questioned his teaching and even turned their back on him. The cool thing is that they didn't try to hide their faults. Its all written down for our encouragement. Remember; Jesus will never fail you.