Book of Acts

Telling Others About Jesus

Acts 24: Some will listen and others will not, yet it is still the job of Christ followers to share the good news about Jesus. Paul was in prison and instead of looking out for himself, he tried to teach others about Jesus.


Jesus is standing near you!

Acts 23: Jesus is not leading at 40,000 feet because he is a God that is near his people. You can bet if you are in trouble or in need, he is right by your side. He is a God that sympathizes with us (because he was once like us) sustains us (because he knows what we need before we ask for it) and protects us through his sovereign power. If God has a mission for you then regardless of ANY testing or trial that comes your way that mission will be accomplished. Paul was beaten, tried, wrongly accused, wrongly convicted, and wrongly imprisoned. But Jesus said, "You must preach my word in Rome." Against all odds, Paul preached in Rome, even in Caesars household.


Now that you have arrived...

Acts 21: As we set sail on our spiritual adventure with Christ there may not always be smooth sailing. Many people will say, "now that you are following God everything is going to be alright." That may be true in the end and the reunion in Heaven will be beyond our imagination BUT on Earth reunion and joyful arrivals can be short lived. When you are on your ship you NEED to know that you are always on the devils radar, expect rough waters. But God is always by your side.


Are you ready to set sail?

Acts 21: In this book Paul set out to sea many times. He was on the move and under some of the most adverse conditions, but he set sail. Paul never quit. He had set his course for Jerusalem and he was not going to fail to reach his destination. In life we have to set goals. We must set a course if we are going to arrive at our destination. This message presents 6 things you need to do in order to be successful along your spiritual journey.


Stand Your Ground!

Acts 20: Paul became all things to all men so that by all means he might save some. But he never compromised the word of God. He stood on its authority and so we must do the same. Christians love to put on their armor but they often leave their sword behind which makes them useless on the battlefield.


Are You in a Dark Place?

Acts 19: Often times we find ourselves in dark places asking, why? But there is always a reason. Perhaps we made bad choices? Perhaps God has a purpose for us to be there. If we represent the "Light of the world"; then many times HE leads us to dark places. Paul was in Athens, Corinth and Ephesus; cities immersed in idolatry, sexual immorality and black magic. He was the light in the dark place and God never left his side. Will you be the light?


Don't Give Up!

Acts 18: After leaving Athens, a city filled with idolatry, Paul headed for Corinth alone. Corinth was a city dedicated to the worship of Aphrodite and known for sexual immorality. This would be a perfect time for Paul to say, "This work of preaching the gospel is too big. I can't do it. I give up." But he did not quit. Paul kept going and Jesus surrounded him with reinforcements. When life has got you down and you feel like its not worth pushing forward; don't give up. God has your back. Isaiah 58:8, Acts 18:10 and Hebrews 13:5. Don't give up!


Paul in Athens: Perhaps the Best Way to Convert a Sinner is to Throw Them a Party and Pray for Them

Acts 17: Paul goes to Athens and Mars Hill. Even though he is surrounded by idolatry he doesn't blast the idol worshipers. Paul always knew his audience and he knew how to relate to his audience by meeting them in their world, their culture and by speaking their language. Instead of pointing out their sin he introduces them to the Unknown God.


Have You Ever Had a Bad Day?

Acts 16 & 17: Have you ever had a bad day? As we finish Acts 16 and head into Acts 17 Paul and Silas, while doing all that is right have a "bad day". But Paul shows us how to take authority through Jesus Christ even in the worst of situations. God always knows when we mean to do right and many times WE make our situations worse by not knowing what to do or how to react when something goes wrong. Many times we forget: We have already won!! So in a bad situation perhaps we shouldn't freak out but ask "what God is trying to show us in that circumstance. Paul did that and converted A women, a slave girl and a Philippian Jailer.


Do You Hear the Cries of the Hopeless?

Acts 16: Paul understood the heart Jesus had for a lost world. He heard the cry of the world crying for the Good News of Christ. In Acts 16, He and Silas took the Jerusalem letter to the churches and went out to the people. He and Silas did not wait for people to come to them. Likewise, Christians should obey the commission of Christ by being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and receptive to the cries of the hurting and the hopeless. We are to take the Gospel of Grace to the world.


Do Not Cease in Doing Good

Acts 14: After great persecution they kick the dust off their feet in Iconium and head to Lystra where they are treated as Gods; for a moment anyway. Even during persecution Paul and Barnabas never stopped doing good. They preached the good news and MET PEOPLE RIGHT WHERE THEY WERE physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. God confirmed the message of grace through signs, wonders and miracles.


Be Positive - Throw Off the Chains

Act 13: The church at Antioch was the launching pad for Pauls ministry. It is a great example of what a church should be and also what a church should expect once it lands on the Devils radar. The key to facing adversity when you are trying to do the right things is staying focused, staying positive and staying true to the mission.


Get Up!

Acts 12:  Peter is asleep in prison, chained to two guards, waiting to be executed: How many of us feel this way? Trapped and chained? By life or by some situation. Like the angel tells Peter to GET UP!! God is telling us to GET UP!! GET UP!! More importantly LOOK UP!! Billy Graham said, “Heaven is full of answers for which no one ever bothered to ask." Get up!! Look up!! and pray "Prayer is the slender nerve that moves the muscle of omnipotence" -Spurgeon. God wants to free you from your prison. Have a great week this week.


God Peels Back the Layers of Peters Heart

Acts 11: The work that God is trying to accomplish through us takes time. Time for God to prepare us for the one moment. Over time God peels back the stubborn layers of our heart until he reaches the root. Once there, he can rebuild and fill us with is truth and prepare us for the mission he has for us in this life. Peter is a great example of how God performs this heart transformation.


The Gentiles are Included!

Acts 10: Great news for you and me; that we are included in the plan of God. This chapter is another example of the world wide gospel. God works on the heart of men and women world wide, whether we respond or not is up to us. Here Peter, a Jew, who had no dealing with Gentiles, goes to a Roman centurion named Cornelius; a Gentile. But wait! Jews have no dealings with gentiles!! Gentiles are dogs!! Peter is sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, CHOOSES to be obedient, and brings the salvation message of Jesus Christ to the first recorded Gentile convert. Compare with Ephesians 2 and you will see the whole message. We are included!


Sauls Conversion

Acts 9: God needs to break many of us in order to get our attention. (but he never crushes us) Some of us need to be knocked in the head to see the truth, some of us do not. Saul, blinded by rage and anger, had to be knocked off a horse so that he would see the light. Why? He had a religion not a relationship with Jesus Christ. And like Saul, many of us are serving God in our own strength; we are stubborn and like to do things our own way not Gods way. Saul was on his way to Damascus with the intention of arresting Christians. On the way Jesus got a hold of Saul's heart and the "arrestor" became the "arrested". Saul would never be the same. And if we let Jesus get a hold of our heart; we will never be the same either. Why wait?


Persecution Increases and the Message is Spread

Acts 8: After the killing of Stephen, Saul releases a relentless and brutal attack on the church. But, unlike the previous "sects" that fell apart after their leaders were killed, the followers of Christ stayed true to their Lord, the Universal Message and spread the Gospel like wild fire. After preaching in Samaria, Philip hits the "desert road" and reaches an Ethiopian Eunuch near Gaza and then preaches up the Mediterranean Coast.


Stephen: Our First Christian Martyr

Acts 7: Jesus stands watching as Heaven receives its first martyr. Violence against the church is continually escalating as Stephen makes a defense of his preaching before the Sanhedrin. His message seems simple but his accusers recognize something in his message that drives them to kill Stephen. What is it that got them so passionate? The message of Grace; the message of Jesus Christ. If Stephen was right then their whole religious world was being turned upside down and there was no way they were going to change.


Acts: We Must not be Distracted

Acts 6: The attack in the infant church is increasing. The Jews, the government, those that would attend the church for self gain and now interior squabbling are already against the forward movement of the church. The Disciples realize they must not be distracted and appoint men to help. This is a great model for todays church. If you feel like you have nothing to offer the work of God; SURPRISE!


Acts: Staying the Course Through Internal and External Conflict

Acts 5: External conflict began in Chapter 4 but now we see internal conflict as Ananias and Sapphira try for self promotion. Peter and John are arrested and brought before the Sanhedrin a second time. Gamaliel presents a compelling case on their behalf. Peter and John are beaten but stay true to the message of Jesus Christ and go home rejoicing that they were found worthy to suffer for Christs sake.


Acts: Opposition Against the Church Begins

Acts 4: After healing the crippled man in Acts 3 Peter and John are arrested by the Sadducees for preaching the resurrection in Jesus name; so opposition to the growth of the church has now begun. Peter preaches his 3rd sermon and it lasts about 30 seconds. They are threatened by the authorities and let go. Peter, holding the very delicate future of the infant church in his hands, refuses to compromise the gospel. "You don't have to turn in your man card to follow Jesus".


Acts: God is the Power - We are His Hands

Acts 3: Peter heals a crippled man on the way to the temple and preaches his 2nd message. Its a great example of how God is the power and we are his hands. It shows us how Peter and John walked with their new convert. It is a great example of how we are to disciple new believers and aid them until they learn to walk on their own. The promises of God come to Abraham and continue through Isaac. To God be the glory!


What We Must Do?!

Acts 2: The Holy Spirit is released and Peter preaches his first message as he is filled with the Holy Spirit. The people are cut to the heart and ask, "What must we do to be saved?" In this message I give the "Safe Path" to salvation as taught in the Bible. Some say that there are exceptions to the "Safe Path"; in those cases we will let God be God. He has the last word. Only He knows the Heart and can save anyone, any time, any where. But we must teach what we know the Bible to say regarding Salvation. Grace will prevail.
Clarification: I had a 4 year scholarship through the Veterans Administration to the University of Florida and made the walk on squad in 94 - I was not a scholarship player.


Infallible Proofs Versus the I Wills of Satan

Acts 1: The author, the infallible proofs that Jesus IS ALIVE. The "I wills" of Jesus vs. the "I wills" of Satan. Why 120 gathered. The death of Judas; contradictory or not? The point of this series is to be sure that all know the truth behind the account of Luke so that they may defend their faith successfully. Enjoy!


A Message For All People Everywhere

There are 8 authors of the New Testament. Luke wrote 2 of the 27 books. He was a physician who set out to carefully and accurately record the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles, so that all men MAY KNOW what they believe and why they believe it.