Totes of Hope

"Totes of Hope" - A Sugar Tree Ridge Church of Christ, Outreach.
Our mission is to help make a difference in our community by helping those children that displaced and placed into a temporary home due to abusive and/or neglectful living situations. We want to give Hope to these children and their futures one Tote of Hope at a time.

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"Totes of Hope" each contain:
Tote for ages 0-3
Baby blanket, bottle, pacifier, package of wipes, baby wash, baby lotion, diapers, Similac pre made bottles (2), and Bible with hand written note.

Tote for ages 4-7
Pillow, comb or brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, tear free 3 in 1 Suave shampoo and body wash, Bible with handwritten note and a book.

Tote for ages 8-12
Pillow, comb or brush, toothbrush, White Rain or Suave body wash, 2 in 1 Suave or V05 shampoo, Bible with handwritten note, travel size deodorant, and a beginner devotional style book.

Tote for ages 13+
Pillow, toothbrush, toothpaste, 2 in 1 Suave or V05 shampoo, travel size deodorant, comb or brush, Suave or White Rain body wash, Bible with handwritten note and a devotional book, lice kits, contact solution and case.
For more information contact Stephanie at 937-403-5223 or email at

Why Totes of Hope:
According to the Ohio Foster/Adoption official website (, there are approximately 14,000 children currently in foster care. In the state of Ohio there are organizations and charities to help those in need of food, clothing and some necessary items. But Totes of Hope is unique in that it targets the families that are opening their homes to children in an immediate crisis situation. Many times when children are taken into the states care and put into a foster home they go quickly and with nothing but the clothes on their back. Many times families involved in fostering programs receive children who arrive without shoes or even coats in the winter time.Our mission is to reach out to our community and help these families that are always willing but often caught off guard by urgent child placement. We want to spread God’s love for these children and support these families throughout Highland county and surrounding areas by handing out one Tote of Hope at a time.

Totes of Hope provides temporary relief during a crisis situation until the family receiving the child has time to go shopping and by necessary items to provide for the child that has been displaced. The Tote is designed to contain age appropriate items; ex: (toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, blanket or pillow, an age appropriate book, etc.)

Yes, foster parents do receive an income for the child that they have in their care. However, they do not receive it right away and what they do receive is only enough to help aid in the daily living expenses for that child. Totes of Hope will supply their initial toiletries and basic needs, which allows the child to feel supported, loved and offer them a sense of independence, self-sufficiency and privacy. The cost of one Tote is under $15.
*** 501 C3 application is in process. When we receive 501 C3 recognition from the federal government, all donations will be tax exempt. Until, then we are counting on your selfless support and kindness.

Thank you in advance for your support!!
Pastor Rob Rhodes
Sugar Tree Ridge Church of Christ

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